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2019-08-22 12:12

However, you will have to enter payment information when purchasing any item from the App Store. Only the organizers of family Sharing group can change stores. Some apps may not appear in your App Store if you change the country. How to Change the App Store Country or Region on your iPhone or iPad. Step# 1. Go to Settings.How to change App Store country or region on iPhone XiPhone 8 in iOS 11 Switching to American App Store is set as an example in this blog post, you can change your App Store country or region following the same way. change app store location iphone x

On your iPhone 5 follow these steps: Tap on the App Store icon in your Home Screen. Tap on Featured on the bottom left corner of screen. Scroll all the way to the bottom where your Apple ID info is. Tap on it. Tap View Apple ID, you may have to enter your password. Once the page loads Change your countryRegion to United States.

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How to Change App Store Location on iPhone iPad in iOS 11 1. On your iPhone, open Settings app and tap on your Apple ID. On your iPhone, open On the desktop, changing your iTunes or App Store region is as simple as scrolling down, clicking on the current country flag icon and then choosing a new country flag. On iPhone and iPad, not so much. It's still possible to change store locality, it's just not as easy. If you really want or need to change, here's how! How to change your local iTunes Store and App Storechange app store location iphone x For example, only German credit cards can be used to buy content from the German iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and App Store. Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iTunes. You might need to temporarily downgrade your iCloud storage until you switch to the new country or region.

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Follow the steps below to change your iPhone App Store countryregion. On your iPhone, open the App Store. Click on the portrait circle in the top right. Select your account. Select CountryRegion then Change Country or Region. change app store location iphone x Nov 16, 2015 I found this trick when I tried to download the Roomba iRobot Home App which is available only in US App Store Let me know if it's working for you.