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May 17, 2016  In this video, our Customer Care manager Drew and I dig deeper into stub nibs specifically. We talk about what makes a nib a stub, the differences between the various kindsWhat is a stub nib? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. Quora User, Owner of too many pens for his own good. Also, should I begin with a stub nib or rounded nib? What are some online resources with the greatest selection of pen types and nib widths? Why is the G nib called so? Is it because of its shoulder which represents the letter G? application stub.nib

Nibs III: Flex vs. Italic [ Reference Info Index Glossopedia Like italic nibs and their obliqueitalic siblings, flexible nibs produce line variation.

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Page 1 of 2 Recommendations For A Stub Nib? posted in Fountain& Dip Pens First Stop: I'm fairly new to FPs, I currently have a Lamy Safari and Pelikan Pelikano, so I'm looking to branch out a little. I was thinking of getting a stub nib to add to my collection, but that's as far as I've gotten. I guess I'll start with some questions Introduction to Nib Customizations Most fountain pens are provided with standard stock nibs ranging in size nib after a regrind to Stub. A regrind to Stub is often a good place to start for your first customization. A Stub nib provides broad downstrokes and narrow crossstrokes while writing, and is less positionsensitive on the paperapplication stub.nib Smoothness Stub vs. Broad (self. fountainpens) submitted 3 years ago by nreyes238. Edit: thanks everyone for the discussion. I'm going to give broad nibs a try. One day I will get a nib Meistersinger to make me something once I know exactly what I want. That said, a music nib in general is basically a stub nib with tipping and (usually

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For either Monteverde or Conklin, the stub nib can be specified when ordering or if you'd like a one of the stub nibs for a Monteverde or Conklin that you already own, they're available for 24. 00 each. application stub.nib Lets Talk About StubItalic Nibs Posted on March 6, 2013 6 Comments Last week, I posted a link to Richards Pens informative article about the Luckily, it is less alluring to flex a stub nib. If that were to happen under warranty I'd send it in to have it fixed, otherwise there are DIY fixes such as judicious application of minute amounts of Captain Tolleys. Jan 25, 2014 Re: Stub Nibs for everyday use Originally Posted by dannzeman As far as stubs go, I used to love the really wide ones, 1. 1, 1. 3, even 1. 5 if I could find 'em.