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Key Features. Swift Example App accessing a LoopBack Backend providing basic Create, Read, Update and Delete operations; Supports iOS 9, written in Swift 2loopbackiossdk failed First attempt was to implement official Strongloop SDK for iOS which is written in ObjectiveC but available in Swift through bridging. Unfortunately with Swift 3 this SDK is no longer working as stated in the issue in github. loopback ios swift

Ep7: Swift IOS Player streaming video from NgixnRtmp server Duration: 35 minutes.

loopback ios swift

We are looking for volunteers from our community to pick up the maintenance of this project, see Example user auth and management app in Swift using the LoopBack iOS SDK. Overview. This app uses the official Loopback iOS SDK with Cocoapods; Fully written in Swiftloopback ios swift I'm trying to implement the example LoopBack iOS app in Swift Create a LoopBack iOS app: part one and I'm having some trouble translating from the ObjectiveC (void) getBooks Error Bloc

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Swift App using the LoopBack iOS SDK providing basic CRUD operations. Overview. This app uses the official Loopback iOS SDK with Cocoapods; Fully written in Swift loopback ios swift Make LoopBack SDK available in Swift (See: Using LoopBack iOS SDK with Cocoapods in Swift) Getting Started. So youve got your Loopback Backend up and running and it is accessible through a public URL. In this tutorial we will use http: as a dummy URL for our Backend. I've uploaded a very simple Swift app that shows how to use LB iOS SDK in Swift: Hope this helps. This comment has been minimized. LoopBackiOSswift: floppydisk: Snippet: iOS Swift application to question a node (Loopback) server. Skip to content. Features loopback ios swift getstarted