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Nokia 105 is claimed to have more than a month's standby: Nokia reveals mobile phone with monthlong battery life More extreme, the 'emergency phone' is supposed to last several years, stowed away e. g. in a car.Mobile phone users today demand battery life over all other concerns. Short battery life is the only real limitation of the modern smartphone. Which Smartphones Have the Best Battery Life in 2016? Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Email. Advertisement. Longest Battery Life: Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL. longest battery life mobile in nokia

The main aspect of a feature phone has to be its long battery life which is something smartphone users can only dream of. Keeping that in mind, the makers of the Nokia 130 have equipped it with a 1020mAh power unit that can deliver standby time of 36 days, maximum talk time of 13 hours and music playback time of 46 hours.

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Using a single SIM, the battery will keep going on standby for 29 days; the second SIM option can last 21, with up to 20 hours of talk time, 50 hours of MP3 listening, and 45 hours of listening to the phone's builtin FM radio, CNET explains. The recently announced Nokia 105 mobile phone will retail for 15 (about US20) and feature a battery that only needs charging once a month. Most of the phone's features aren't exactly dazzling 1. 45inch, 128 x 128 resolution color TFT screen, 8 MB ROM memory, no camera with the notable exceptions of the low price and long battery life.longest battery life mobile in nokia If you are looking for a long battery life mobile here is the list of best battery phones with a capacity of 4000, 5000 mAH (milliamperehour or amphour). Also, I have added phones offering the reversible charging or fast charging support. 20 Best Smartphones with Longest Battery Life

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Here are 15 smartphones With Longest Battery Life from different brands and running on different OS types and versions. All these mobiles give over 12 hours talktime Nokia 6 Gets Accidental Listing on Amazon India Ahead of Release All Details Out Including PRICE Long life bateery mobile. Kaun sa hai. Reply. 16. longest battery life mobile in nokia Buy the BLU Life Max. 8) The new Nokia 3310. The original Nokia 3310 was famous for its phenomenal battery. Still, this is one area where the new 3310 completely eclipses not only the original Nokia, but modern smartphones too. If battery life is all that you care about and you dont give a damn about any other specs or updates then you can go for Oukitel K. It has a mAh battery and a extraordinarily long battery life, you can even use it as a powerbank to charge other phones. And it looks really unique. Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life. by Philip Michaels May 14, 2018, 4: 31 PM. The latter helped the phone along to an impressive 11 hours and 44 minutes in our battery test using TMobile's network. Editor's choice Moto G5 Plus (11: 43) 910. Superior. Review. 229 Amazon.